HYSH Tent outdoor 3-4 people fully automatic camping tent set outdoor tourism tent - B07FJL4GPQ
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  • The interior of the tent is a silver glue coating. High Density Has a strong reflection effect on UV rays Effectively protects the skin

  • Double-layer pressure line design can effectively prevent rain before and after the two-door elevatable design and the top sunroof with high-density mesh yarn ventilation window with both anti-mosquito breathable ventilation shading lighting viewing and other functions

  • The glass fiber rod is tough and strong. No matter how it is folded, it can be restored. There is a door rope under the double door of the tent.

  • Inside the tent is a storage bag Humanized design concept Easy to place small items Very practical Mesh yarns and door are double door zipper design Durable Easy to use alone

  • Tent light hooks at the top of the interior of the tent Simple and solid Easy to hang lamps Fixtures made of galvanized iron Tough and durable

  • Tent structure: single layer account
    Product Structure: A layer of white yarn on the door can prevent insects
    Product Specifications: 3-4 people 200 (long) * 200 (wide) * 130 (high) CM
    Strut material: fiberglass rod
    Build situation: free build speed open
    Product accessories: a set of account cloths (including the bottom account), one for the post, one for the nails, and one for the hand bag.
     (No need to buy another accessory, it is already filled)
    Style features: warm, ultra-light, picnic, field survival, fishing, ultra-lightweight, lightweight, windproof, adventure
    Color: blue green gray orange blue gray
    Note: The colors of gray and orange are spell-proof tents, color-matching tents, and the colors are randomly mixed colors
    (for example, the colors of gray and blue may have blue doors or the doors may be gray).
     Please contact customer service remarks if necessary. .
    Tent steps: 1. Hold the white pole 2. The tent automatically pops up 3. Liberation account angle 4. Build complete
    Demolition of tents steps: 1. Invert the tent 2. Connect the diagonal bill holder 3. Hold the tent in two places with both hands 4. Fold half of the tent in half
    5. Put the tent and accessories into the storage bag 6. Completed storage

    HYSH Tent outdoor 3-4 people fully automatic camping tent set outdoor tourism tent - B07FJL4GPQ

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